50KWp grid tie system without Batteries and a 10KW grid tie system without Batteries and PV GENSET Controller.


Ifakara Regional Referral Hospital has a hybrid solar power system implemented consisting of a 50KW grid-tied solar system and a 10KW grid-tied solar system. The purpose of this system is to reduce the hospital's energy consumption during the daytime.

The system does not include batteries, so the solar power generated during the day is used directly to power the hospital's electrical loads. During periods of power cuts, a PV GENSET controller helps to reduce fuel consumption by the generator to supply only 30% of it capacity and the rest is supplied by solar.

This system is able to reduce the hospital's fuel consumption by up to 50% during periods of power cuts. Overall, the hybrid solar power system is a cost-effective and sustainable solution for reducing energy consumption and providing reliable power to the hospital.