Energy From Waste

Recycling waste service

The emphasis is on recycling; it is the best way to deal with waste. But it is best to incinerate waste for which there are no recycling solutions. Thanks to the latest technologies, this can be done in a very clean way and with the highest possible energy efficiency.

After the incineration process, the waste is ‘gone’ and we get something valuable in its place: energy and raw materials. This means that we make something we need from something that is left over. The steam, electricity and heat generated in such a painstaking way end up in neighboring businesses and towns. One refuse bag yields enough energy for no less than seven showers.

AG Energies targets municipalities that are highly motivated to find solutions to their waste and energy problems; these could arise either due to a lack of landfill space or due to environmental concerns with waste disposal or energy generation. AG Energies is currently engaged in active negotiations with several municipalities in Tanzania, and the government agencies which have limited landfill space and suffer from power shortages.

AG Energies has built a solid track record of successes and professionalism in the domestic, industrial, commercial, municipal and mining sectors of waste management, whereby we specialize in the five R’s of Recycling: Re-think, Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Remove. The core essence of the company is offering a sustainable solution for a “greener tomorrow”. AG Energies is proud to be a unique leader in the waste management industry, where emphasis is placed on exceptional services to all clients.

As one of the larger waste management companies in Tanzania, within the very difficult financial climate, AG Energies have achieved continual enhancements of not only our internal methodology, but that of the industry as well. This has resulted in us assisting in molding the industry into what it is today.

We have achieved sustainable performance, by forming the core of our business built on environmental, social and corporate governance issues; and effective fleet management and optimization by the implementation of the best software and hardware systems available for management and measurement.

AG Energies is built on sound financial systems, knowledge and experience in the industry, complying with all environmental legislation and municipal bylaws as prescribed by the Companies Act.


Adress: Kariakoo, Swahili and Viwanda street, Nasra Tower, P.O.Box 8812 Dar Es salaam, TanzaniaPhone number:+255 21 28 567/8Mobile number: +255 (0)746


We want to power a green Tanzania. We are helping Tanzania meet her growing energy requirements in an efficient, environment-friendly manner. In the next six years, we want to become the leading independent developer, owner and operator of renewable energy projects, focusing on solar, wind power and from waste.


Seeking proper proven alternative energies for the energy solutions in an environmentally and friendly manner for protecting the environment.


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